Infinite 360° AR/VR Studios

Welcome to Infinite360 Studios

“Through the eyes of infinite360° VR we are creating a new reality.”

Infinite360 is powered by women, our CEO Corrina McCann along with our Director Rosemary Reed, Co-Founded Infinite360 recognising the need for a more immersive method of storytelling, thus founding Infinite360.

We are a multi award winning, critically acclaimed full-service virtual reality and augmented reality agency and production company, conceiving, creating and building end-to-end VR and AR, 360º games and experiences.

Both successful entrepreneurs our founders have focused their passion on building and supporting a global community with access to inspiring content, experiences and teachings.

“360° and Virtual Reality is the most immersive platform to view an experience, we want to give everyone access to amazing stories, and real life products, to inspire and educate.”

Infinite360 has evolved from Infinity House , which has an established background in hugely successful television and film productions including Sky’s popular Living the Dream series. Infinity House has consistently worked with some of the most prestigious and respected names in the entertainment industry to frequently provide innovative and engaging content.

Infinite360 have gathered a team of some of the world’s best developers, and creatives, who utilise their knowledge and skills to give our viewers the most amazing experiences possible.