Infinite360 is a full-service virtual reality production company conceiving, creating and building end-to-end VR and 360º experiences.

Our production house utilises revolutionary technology to create the most immersive and unique entertainment experiences imaginable. By harnessing the medium of virtual reality, we work with our clients to distil their brand message into immersive 360° experiences that captivate audiences and deliver truly meaningful brand engagement.

Infinite360 has evolved from Infinity House, which has an established background in hugely successful television and film productions including Sky’s popular Living the Dream series. Infinity House has consistently worked with some of the most prestigious and respected names in the entertainment industry to frequently provide innovative and engaging content.

An important value of our Infinity House brand is to produce true-life stories and promote planetary issues with unparalleled passion and integrity. The Infinity House philosophy has always been to bring people together and open their minds to a fascinating new world, full of inspirational ideas. Our mission is that through the creation of infinite360, we can continue to captivate and enthrall in the most innovative and ethical ways possible.